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Hangzhou Lahan Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Linpu Industrial Park. Is a professional screw jack, hydraulic jacks, since the machine, Spiral Rama top with more, a variety of product development, production and sales as one of professional and technical enterprises, the company has been committed to the jack since the establishment of the industry research And development, the products are widely used in machinery, electrical, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, mining, textile, petrochemical, railway, military, automotive and other mining, maintenance and manufacturing units...[MORE]

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How can I do to buy a hydraulic jack oil leak?
You can check if the oil seal is damaged and replace it with a new one.
How long has your company been producing hydraulic jacks?
My company has more than 10 years of production experience, all aspects of technology are very mature, please rest assured to
Do you have a quality inspection report for a screw jack?
Hello, we have 10 years of production experience, all kinds of certificates are very complete, of course, including quality i
Can you customize the nameplate?
Hello, if you order a large number, we can provide customized services, custom nameplate for you.
What certificates do you have for hydraulic jacks?
Hello, Thank you for your question, our hydraulic jacks have ISO-2008 quality management system certification and CE certific
What is the motor power and output speed of your 100-ton electric screw jack?
Hello, our 100-ton electric screw jack motor power is 3 kilowatts, and the output speed is 1440 revolutions per minute.
Can your company provide a quality inspection report for hydraulic jacks?
Yes,we can.
Does your company have several types of hydraulic jacks?
There are two kinds of hydraulic jacks, which are 100 tons and 200 tons respectively.
How many yuan can you free shipping?
Hello, thank you for your inquiry and support, we are more than 20,000 yuan to support free shipping.
Will your company's jack is not the price of steel welded iron than the high?
Hello, no, our company will be the price of cast iron will be relatively higher, because the cast iron shell is more solid, t
How long after the order can be shipped?
This based on our stock to be set, the stock can be shipped the same day, no stock, then the production of goods can arran
Can I order a screw jack?
Sorry, we are manufacturers, mainly wholesale this one. If you only need one, you can go to the local dealer to buy.
Do I ask your company's products after a few processes generally check?
Hello, our factory products generally pass two tests, the parts into the factory before the test, the finished product after
What is your company sent courier?
Because of the weight of the jack is not light, the factory made a unified Jia Ji logistics, and ultimately the actual situat
May I ask how many days after your payment can be shipped?
Hello, after the payment we usually ship within three days, if it is a custom service or a large amount, then the specific ci

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10ton screw jack
content:Number of units: 10T screw jack 200pieces blue
Custom signs, standard packaging, payment within three days to be shipped
QL screw jack
company:Shui***machinery co.,ltd
content:Order Idler screw jack, tonnage of 32T high, lifting height 200mm color to sky blue, the number of products for the first time to order 30 screw jacks, as far as possible before November 20 to choose my guidance to the logistics sent me.
hydraulic jack
content:100 tons and 200 tons of hydraulic jacks each 5 sets
200 ton hydraulic jack
company:Dongguang County *** Co., Ltd.
content:Order 10 200-ton hydraulic jacks, red, shipped as soon as possible.
QYL200 tons of hydraulic jack
company:Yingkou *** Trading Company
content:Ordering model QYL 200 tons hydraulic jack 1 piece.
200 ton hydraulic jack
content:200 tons screw jack 6 sets red
One copy of the manual, China Railways, urgent delivery, delivery within 2 days after payment
100ton hydraulic jack
company:KunMing Shang****Co.,Ltd
content:100 tons screw jack 5 pieces of red
Attached a product description and a test report, conventional packaging, do not nameplate, payment to 2 days after delivery
QD15 track jack
company:BeiJing Ai****Co.,Ltd
content:Number of Units: The weight is 15 tons, the color is orange red, and the number is 56 units. Product brochures and brochures are also attached. Lanhan brand jacks, factory outlets, quality assurance, starting from the fair and affordable prices, customer rave reviews.
20T Screw Jack 20TD Screw Jack 32T Screw Jack
company:Cangzhou Ying****Co.,Ltd
content:Number of units: 20T screw jacks 21 units
20TD screw jack 3 sets
32T screw jack 4 sets
Cast iron, conventional packaging, Chinese iron license, the sooner delivery the better

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